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Our Services


Walk & Talk Consultation
  • Meet you at your home and conduct a walk-through of your space. 

  • Photograph your home and all rooms to be staged. 

  • Answer any questions or concerns you might have about the home staging process. 


Walk & Talk Consultation + Detailed Report
  • Includes all services at the "Walk & Talk" consultation level. 
  • Provide you with a detailed report of each room and recommendations for how you can stage your home yourself. 
Full Service Home Staging
  • Includes all services at the "Walk & Talk" consultation level.

  • Discuss specific home staging options (for example, renting furniture for the space vs. using your furniture). 

  • Stage your home in preparation for putting your house on the market.


Fine Tuning
  • Hourly rates for smaller staging services (i.e. bookshelf organization, decor placement, etc.).

  • Hourly rates for attending home photography sessions for your home's real estate listing to ensure the space is staged properly and is visually appealing. 


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